January 16, 2022

Hello Students and Parents,

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying your weekend 🙂

A big thank you – everyone is off to a great start with your practice journals! My encouragement to each student this week was to take it one step further. Add another day of practice, add a bit more detail, or add another question to discuss at your lesson.

This month’s listening prompt is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His birthday is January 27th, and he turns 266 years old! Check out the link below for two pieces to listen to and some Mozart fun facts 🙂

(keep in mind there are listening activities in the back of your practice journal)


See you in the studio,


Did you miss last week’s practice tip? Completing your practice journal is the perfect way to remind yourself the difference between practicing and playing (both equally important – but at different times 🙂 )