February 6, 2022

Hello Students and Parents,

A few things to remember this week –

~ If not already paid, February invoices are due tomorrow 🙂

~ There will be no lessons the week of March 21st. Mark your calendars now!

~ A reminder that virtual lessons are available for safety reasons only. They are not a convenience option. A virtual lesson request must be made before my teaching day starts in order to guarantee that it’s possible. Once I begin teaching, I often do not have the time to change my setup and lesson plans, and may not even see the text or email before your lesson.

During the pandemic, online lessons were a fantastic way to keep some sense of normalcy and learning going while the rest of life was spinning. However, when we do anything online there is sacrifice. The pandemic showed us that zoom doesn’t equal having a face-to-face conversation, online school doesn’t match in-person learning, and virtual piano lessons can’t cover everything we can learn in person.

Thank you for helping me to help provide you with the best music learning experience possible 🙂

Check out some of January’s lesson highlights and a new composition from Jon Previts below!