Creativity Projects

During this time of pandemic and staying home, I am going to be sending out a creativity project each week. This is not mandatory, but is a fun and multi-sensory way to get our creativity flowing while studying music! I would love to see pictures and videos of what you have created throughout the week 🙂


Artistic Listening

Mozart is April’s Composer of the Month! Listen to this week’s piece here –

And create a piece of artwork that you feel describes what you hear! Feel free to be as creative as you like … it can be paint, drawing, mixed media, etc. Please send me pictures of what you’ve created!

Live Concerts

MANY artists have been hosting live concerts on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. In a lot of ways, it is their opportunity to give their talents during this trying time. And music sure can be an uplifting and calming thing in many people’s lives right now!

Your challenge this week is to find an artist (or two)that you like and watch their concert. Then, turn around and give one of your own! Tape a song that you’re really proud of and post it on Facebook (or mom and dad’s page), play for a relative over the phone or on Zoom, or host a live mini concert on the web! We have joy to spread… so let’s not keep it to ourselves 🙂

Create Your Own Game

This week’s creativity challenge is to create your own piano game! It can be a concept you/your child has already learned, or it can be something they are working on right now. Many of you are artsy and I want to see what you come up with! Bring the game to your next online lesson, or send me a pic/video of you playing it with a family member 🙂

Research a Composer

Our Creativity Challenge for the week is a composer research project. Pick your favorite composer or one you’d like to learn more about. Research them and learn about their life and music. Then draw a picture, make a poster, or dress up as your composer and tell me about them on a video! Have some fun, and enjoy teaching me (and your family!) what you learn!

(Examples of people you could research … Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, John Williams, Copland, your favorite pop/country artist (as long as they write their own songs!), etc.)

Looking for a little more guidance? Check out these helpful cards and pull up Youtube for some listening!

Pajama Party!

Grab your favorite children’s book, put on your comfiest pajamas, and have a parent/sibling read the book while you create sound effects on the piano. It can be a song that accompanies the entire book, or sound effects for different parts of the book where it makes sense 🙂

Take video, and share your finished product with me! Bonus points if you wear pj’s to your lesson this week 😉