August 14, 2022

Hello Parents and Students!

I know some of you head back to school this week, and the rest will be following close behind 🙂

As we head into this new season I want to encourage you to consider the question below. I know all of you are committed because you have proved as much to me! But we will all be adjusting to new schedules and the busyness that comes with both rigidity and new fall extra curriculars. Now is the time to make sure you actively schedule piano practice into your lives! It doesn’t do much good to treat piano as a once a week 1/2 hour activity … having a consistent practice schedule with clear goals is the way to go 🙂 (Don’t forget about your practice journal – I’ve found this to be a great tool to stay on track.)

All lessons will continue as normal this week … See you in the studio 🙂


Did you miss last week’s monthly highlight? Click on the image below to see what’s been happening around the studio 🙂