April 5, 2020

Hello Parents and Students!

I can’t even begin to thank you for all of your help in making our first week of online lessons a great one 🙂 You guys are the reason I love my job so much, and I was thrilled to see most of your faces!

A couple of things as we head into this week …

~ Stay at home as been extended until May. So for now, we will be spending the entire month of April doing online lessons. I am sad about this, but also feel that the first week went well and should not be a problem to continue this way in the meantime!

~ Please remember the four payment options available … Venmo, Zelle, Applepay, and cash/check in the mail. Several have still not paid, so please communicate with me if this is a problem 🙂 I know some are without jobs right now!

~ Did you complete our creativity project from last week? Thank you to those who sent me pictures of their masterpieces 🙂 If you didn’t, I’d still love to see it!

~ This week’s creativity project involves live music …

MANY artists have been hosting live concerts on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. In a lot of ways, it is their opportunity to give their talents during this trying time. And music sure can be an uplifting and calming thing in many people’s lives right now!

Your challenge this week is to find an artist (or two)that you like and watch their concert. Then, turn around and give one of your own! Tape a song that you’re really proud of and post it on Facebook (or mom and dad’s page), play for a relative over the phone or on Zoom, or host a live mini concert on the web! We have joy to spread… so let’s not keep it to ourselves 🙂

Let me know what you end up doing, and if you post it please tag so I can see it!

Happy Practicing,


P.S. Our “Gotcha” challenge is still going on! If you catch your child practicing without being asked, snap a picture and send my way to be entered into the drawing!