New Year – January 1, 2020

Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve enjoyed both the piano break and all of the excitement the holidays bring! I’m feeling very refreshed, and excited to launch the new year of lessons!

First, I wanted to take the time to thank you for your efforts this past year. Being a “piano parent” is a big commitment, and I feel so fortunate to be connected with families who see the immense value of music. Learning to play piano can be a life-changing experience and I’m humbled that you have chosen me to be a part of this exciting gift that you continue to give yourself/your children.

I want to give y’all a sneak peek of some of what’s to come in the New Year! You can look forward to…

  • Personalized recaps of last year and plans for the year ahead… will be handed out this coming week at lessons! (We begin back Monday, January 6th)
  • Continued communication: (almost) weekly email updates, Facebook Studio page updates (@mckenziespianostudio), and ….  
  • Check out for lesson extras! This site has been a big project to set up, and I’m hoping to not only encourage other piano teachers, but have resources for you too! (will be launched here in the next few days)
  • Composer of the Month Activities: these will be a bigger part of lessons and a bigger part of home practice! Learning about the musicians who have paved the way is crazy important. I can’t wait to dig into this together!
  • Practice Initiatives: each student received a personalized “piano practice pack” for Christmas. We will be adding practice aids and tips to this throughout the year. Check the facebook page and email updates to stay in the loop and get extra parent tips!
  • LOTS of new piano games and exciting music … it just keeps getting better!

I also wanted to reach out to you to let you know that I very much understand the life of a piano parent. Please know that, while I spend most of my time motivating and assisting your children, I’m also here to support you as well! Working as a parent/child/teacher triangle is the optimal way to ensure your children’s success and enjoyment.

You are always welcome to ask for extra advice on making home practice work, for updates on your children’s progress or for any other musical assistance you may need.

Seeing your children grow, improve and learn to love music is truly the most rewarding part of my job. This past year I saw confidence, progress, creativity, pride, feelings of success and major accomplishments on a weekly basis. These are powerful memories you/your children are making, and these are invaluable skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. What a gift to your children… what a gift to yourselves to experience … and what a gift for me to be a part of!

We’re kicking off the new year of lessons on Monday, January 6th! Invoices are an even $88 per student for the month. You all have been fantastic with timely payments… thank you!

See you in the studio!