May 29, 2021

Hi Crew!

We have lots of fun things in the works, so I want to take a quick minute to make sure we’re all up to date as our schedules get busier and busier 🙂

~ Monday is Memorial Day. There will be no lessons as the store is closed. Enjoy the long weekend!

~ Invoices were sent out in last weekend’s newsletter and are due by the first lesson of the month 🙂

~ Thank you to all who have worked hard on our Spring Recital! I am deep in the process of putting everything together. For those who are online, make sure to grab your recital-in-a-box beforehand. It’s available behind the desk at Skyline 🙂 Our official viewing day is Sunday, June 6th.

~ For those switching summer lesson times, this will happen June 21st. Please remember, there will be…

No Lessons June 14th-18th

No lessons July 19th – 23rd

No Lessons August 9th -13th

~ Summer fun is in the works! This summer we will be focusing on becoming Piano Ninjas. What is a Piano Ninja? Students who …

More info to come!

Have you missed anything else this month? You can check out our features by clicking on the pictures below 🙂

See you in the studio!


P.S. If you missed Skyline’s statement on the changing mask mandates and COVID guidelines, I’m attaching it again here. Feel free to talk with me about it as needed 🙂