May 24, 2020

Hi All,

Each of you should have received this in a private message along with your invoice and confirmation of your summer lesson time. Let me know if there are any questions/concerns/changes needed 🙂

For recital, please remember-

  • Place your camera at a good angle with proper lighting so that it captures most of you and the piano in the frame. 
  • Before you record your piece, look into the camera and tell us your name, the title, and the composer of the piece.
  • Upload your video to the YouTube manager link I sent last week. Videos must be uploaded by May 30th!
  • Invite your family, friends and neighbors to watch the recital AND vote. Our watch day will be Sunday, May 31st!


1. If you’d rather not fuss, there’s no need to do much else but record a confident and professional-looking performance of your piece. 

2. If you’re up for more, consider the following ideas before you shoot the video: 

3. Wear a costume of choice but make sure you can play in it comfortably. 

4. Set the stage for your performance with a lovely setting–plants, curtains, stuffed animal audience, artwork…

5. Bake special cookies to be eaten while watching the virtual recital and share your recipe!

Participation Required 

Audience members including fellow studio families, relatives and friends and neighbors–whoever you choose to invite–will be given an option to choose Best in Show in the following categories.

  1. Best performance of a piece
  2. Best fast piece
  3. Best slow piece
  4. Best pet bomb in a video
  5. Best stage production
  6. Most clever costume
  7. Most elaborate costume
  8. Most musical performance

Can’t wait to see your videos!