March 8, 2020

Hello and Welcome to a new week!

I first wanted to thank those of you who prayed and sent sweet messages last week as I had to cancel lessons and run out of town last minute. Each one was very appreciated.

Lessons will continue as normal this week. If you had already paid before I cancelled your lesson, I will credit the lesson for April. If you had not, the invoice is due this week. Feel free to take off $22 per student if you were someone whose lesson got cancelled last week.

We will begin talking about recital music this week. I had intentions of bringing lots of things in this week, but left in such a rush I wasn’t able to take anything with me. This week will be mostly brainstorming 🙂

Recital Date is set! Sunday, May 17th. There will  be 2 and 4 o’clock performances. Please mark your calendar now!

Our Composer of the Month is Pachelbel. If you didn’t listen to last week’s, please check it out! Here is this week’s listening –

This week’s Practice Trick is “Use the Metronome and Count Aloud”

“Use the metronome to help get your piece steady and even. The metronome may seem tricky to play with at first, but as you practice it will get easier and easier and will be SO helpful in learning your music. It can help to count aloud with the metronome to train yourself to play on the beat. Be sure to start at a speed slow enough to play everything correctly (the speed of no mistakes!). You can also use the metronome to gradually increase the speed of passages you have learned.”

This is something I think we can all get better at!

Finally … a friendly reminder 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all in the studio this week…