January 26, 2020

Hello Parents and Students!

We have made it to the last week of January. Nothing too crazy happening this week, but please note these few things …

~Invoices go out this week. Everyone has a normal 4 – week month, but please pay close attention to your individual invoices as there are lots of small things happening.

~ This is our last listening for J.S. Bach. If you’d like to go back through and catch any weeks you’ve missed, please see https://pianopossibilities.org/students/

~ Were you able to use our practice tip last week? Practicing the same time each day fosters commitment and consistent progress!

~ This week’s practice tip is “Be the Teacher!”

Since your teacher isn’t always with you to help guide your practicing, try being the teacher yourself! After playing your piece, think to yourself, “what would my teacher say?” Try being the teacher and telling yourself what you did well, and what could use a little improvement.”


That’s all for this week!

Happy Practicing,