January 12, 2020

Hello Students and Parents!

We had an excellent start to the New Year, and I am crazy excited for what lies ahead! You all truly do make my job amazing! Just a few things to remember going into this week …

~ For those who were gone/sick last week, please remember that the invoices must be paid at lessons this week.

~ Tuesday students: please check your emails! I will be at a funeral on Tuesday, and have sent details out to you separately. Thank you for your understanding!

~ I sent out a short “how am i doing?” page with each student yearly review last week… I would be so grateful if  you’d take a few minutes to fill it out and return this week. Feel free to sign your name or leave it anonymous… makes no difference to me.

~ Please be sure to bring your practice packs to lessons this week!

~ Our practice technique for last week was “Clap and Count”. I think it was surprising to students of all levels how clapping and tapping can be an efficient and quick practice tip! We are going to continue to work on our rhythm skills while implementing this week’s new tip …

~ SloMo!


“Practicing VERY SLOWLY is a great practice trick. It gives your brain and your fingers more time to figure out the exact right notes. It helpes eliminate any mistakes. And you know what? Once you can play a piece perfectly very slowly, it is really quite simple to speed it up. But a fast and sloppy piece with lots of mistakes is hard to fix. Play at the speed of no mistakes!”

~ Our Composer of the Month is J.S. Bach. Check out this week’s listening!

~ A few of you had mentioned that the website link asked for a password. I have fixed this problem, and it is up and ready to go! So far in the student section you’ll find the composer listening for this month, and all of the newsletters from this year so far. Feel free to check through and make sure you haven’t missed anything J

Happy Practicing!