February 13, 2021

Hello Students and Parents,

Happy Valentine’s Day! I feel the love from you guys every week, and am amazed at the opportunity I have to work with such amazing students and families. This isn’t something I take for granted! Thank you for giving me the best job ever 🙂

I am very excited today to announce February’s Book of the Month 😊 I have used it in some lessons and will hopefully be able to use in others this month, but so far each student has really enjoyed it! It is Black History Month, which is the PERFECT time to learn a bit more about jazz music. Did you know that jazz music has roots that trace back to several countries, but is known as an All-American-born genre?

For those wondering, this hands-on book does have an off button 😉 Having the music available as you read along is a great tool though!

You can find this (for sale right now) on Amazon here.

Parents who like to read – I have recently been reading “Helping Parents Practice: Ideas for Making It Easier”. It is a fantastic resource that I’m convinced we should all read. If you have questions about it feel free to ask … but it would be well worth your time and money! He is an excellent and concise writer, and gives interesting and memorable examples along with his key points.

It is available on Amazon here.

Monday students – we DO have lessons this week despite it being President’s Day. The store is open so lessons will go on 😊

Looking forward to seeing you all this week! Remember that you can catch up with studio news via these newsletters (pianopossibilities.org – for students tab), Facebook – @mckenziespianostudio, and through the store’s Facebook page – @skylinemusic.

Happy Reading and Happy Valentine’s Day,