October 9, 2022

Hi Y’all,

Thanks for checking in this week 🙂

The first order of important business is our Save the Date – I’ve already had some students asking and I am glad that you’re excited to participate and perform in Music Against Hunger this year!

For those who are newer around the studio – Music Against Hunger is Skyline’s annual fundraising performance for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. This IS a performance, but functions more like a telethon throughout the day on Saturday, December 10th. It is NOT a formal recital 🙂

This is my favorite opportunity of the year because it is the perfect way to show our students that we can use our music for the good of others. Have family members who play or a school ensemble you take part in? Individuals and groups of all ages and instruments are encouraged to participate! The goal is to raise money and food for the food bank – so we welcome musicians who aren’t connected to the store on a regular basis. Students/groups will be able to select a time slot that works best for them to perform during the day. More details to come … but I wanted to ensure that this event is on your calendar now 🙂 All students are expected to participate.

The other big thing for this week is a quick survey. This year’s new experiment has been the practice journals that you all have … and although I have my own opinions on how it went and the value of continuing to use them, I would love to hear from you and know your thoughts using them as well 🙂 Your responses will be private, but I do want to know which responses are attached with which student in order to best make an educated decision on the value of continuing to use the journals.

Thank you all for helping me with this!

See you in the studio,