October 9, 2021

Hey Crew!

I first of all want to thank you. Sickness and fall colds have been spreading like crazy, and I have been so pleased with your efforts in keeping me and everyone else in the studio safe and healthy! If you/your child don’t feel well, the best options are to

  • Stay home and wait till next week’s lesson
  • Request an online lesson (not guaranteed unless you contact me before the beginning of my teaching day – I lesson plan and set up differently and often can’t make it work last minute. Always feel free to shoot me a text and ask though!)
  • Or send me a couple of videos to have me review and send feedback in place of that week’s lesson.
  • Please remember that each student also receives two free days each calendar year. In order to use these, the lesson must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, and you must tell me that you wish to use them. I will either take it off of that month’s invoice or credit the lesson to the next month’s invoice (based on where it falls in the month).

    For October’s Monthly listening, you’ll hear how Vivaldi portrayed each season throughout the year 😊 Short on time? Check out how he heard Autumn since fall is in full swing!

    Who have you asked to sponsor you for this year’s Practice-A-Thon? If you have social media, it can be a great place to get the word out 😊 Remember that every dollar donated enables the food bank to provide 4 meals! This means that every sponsor counts – from flat fees, to pennies, to dollars, to cans! Save the pics below and add them to a post to gain attention!

    You can also check out my post and what I said to friends and family here (old picture alert 😉).

    See you in the studio,


    Don’t forget to check out this month’s Family Music Challenge from last week!