October 30, 2021

Happy Halloween!

We have come to the end of October which means lots of sugar, Halloween fun, and the step into the Thanksgiving season. Even more importantly, this means our Practice-A-Thon will begin THIS Monday! All of you should have the calendar that came in your packet handy, and be ready to do some real practicing! I will be joining you, so we can all keep each other accountable this month 🙂 Hopefully you have found some sponsors to spur you on in motivation!

Keep in mind what real practice means –

All should have received this in their original packet, but feel free to ask me for another one if needed! When we are practicing and get stumped, this gives some great ideas for how to fix or move on from those spots 🙂

Please remember that invoices are due this week (individual invoices sent out last weekend). There will be no lessons Wednesday, November 24th in anticipation of Thanksgiving.

Let’s do this!


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