October 25, 2020

Parents and Students –

Welcome to the last week of October! Here are 3 things you need to know for this week 🙂

  1. Mark your calendars for our annual Music Against Hunger event on Saturday, December 12th! With all 2020 has held, the Cleveland Food Bank is in more need of donations than ever. It is so important for us to use our music to help other people! We are working out a new system where we will have a blend of online performances, in-store performances (no audience), and pre-recorded performances. Skyline will be streaming the entire event, and hope to keep the music going through Saturday (Sunday if enough participation!). With the three performance options, everyone should be able to be involved this year 🙂
  2. Many of you are finishing up long-awaited compositions. Please send those videos/paragraphs to me ASAP. Hoping to wrap those up before Christmas music hits!
  3. I will be sending individual October invoices out today. Monday students will have 5 lessons, Tuesday and Wednesday students will have 4. Christmas music will be passed out next week (the lesson after Halloween!). For students still online- Christmas books will be available behind the counter at the store for pickup Thursday, October 29th.

Happy Practicing!