May 30, 2020


You all have worked so hard -both in your practice during the months we’ve been away from the studio, and in working through technology glitches to put this recital together.I am so grateful for what has come through, and am excited to celebrate your accomplishments together!

Please share our recital link with friends and family – We have a unique opportunity to allow those who usually wouldn’t be able to make it to join in on the fun!

Our official “Watch Day” is tomorrow, May 31st beginning at 10am. Click on my welcome message (will be uploaded tomorrow morning, you have the rest of the evening if you haven’t uploaded yet), and then the videos should come up one right after the other from there!
Remember – this recital features audience participation!Feel free to allow each member of your family to vote – it doesn’t have to be one per family.

Categories for Best in Show include:
1. Best fast piece

2. Best slow piece

3. Best pet bomb in a video

4. Best stage production

5. Most clever costume

6. Most elaborate costume

7. Most musical performance

Please send your votes to, reply to this email, or let me know in your lesson this week. Votes must be turned in by this coming Friday (June 5th), and will be announced over the weekend. This info can also be found in the “about” page on the YouTube channel for your friends and family who would also like to vote!

You have all worked so hard – and I am excited that we are still able to encourage and support each other by watching together!
So gather your family, grab a snack, and get your pencils out to pick your votes … and enjoy the show!