July 5, 2020

Hello Students and Parents!

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you were all able to safely enjoy time with family celebrating. In some ways it seems as if summer has been forever, in other ways I can’t believe it is already July!

A couple things to note this week …

~ If you have not already paid the invoice for the month, it is due this week. Thanks!

~ Many of you are starting to do vacations or stay-cations to get away with your family … This is great! Please remember to let me know if you will be missing lessons and when. This helps things go more smoothly for everyone!

~ For those who have come in the studio … THANK YOU! This is a friendly reminder to request an online lesson if you/your child are not feeling well for any reason. So far, you guys have done a fantastic job with this. I am confident that between your diligence and our strict cleaning, we have not shared germs in this first month of being face to face! I am grateful!

~ Come beginning of August we will start to discuss the fall schedule. Obviously, there are still many questions at hand as schools seek to figure out what will be the new norm. I thank you for your patience, but please know that I am looking at a similar (if not same) schedule to what we abruptly left in the spring. Just throwing this out there, as I know many have mentioned wanting their old times back 🙂

See you in the studio!