July 17, 2021

Hello Students and Parents,

Today I’m sharing one of my all-time favorite fiction books for July’s Book of the Month 😊

Before we get there though, a couple of housekeeping items …

~ Thank you to all who took the survey last week (available here if you still need it) – I know no one actually wants to think about school yet! I am finishing up the schedule and will be contacting those of you who need to move to discuss final times for the fall (likely later today).

~ We will be switching over to Fall Schedule Monday, August 23rd based on the start dates you all sent me. Your invoices will be sent out next weekend and take any switches into account.

~ Fully online lessons will no longer be an option this fall. Online lessons are perfect for a pandemic situation, makeups, or when you feel under the weather but still up for a lesson. Students do their best learning in person, and as the world opens up, school resumes, and vaccinations continue (yes, I am vaccinated), I hope to provide the BEST music education possible. This can only be done in person 😊 If this affects the lesson time you’ve requested for the fall, please let me know ASAP.

~ Remember that when requesting online lessons, I cannot guarantee an online lesson unless I am notified before my teaching day begins. I prepare and lesson plan differently based on being in person or online. Always feel free to ask, though!

~ Because I am vaccinated and mask restrictions have been lifted, mask wearing in the studio will be by student choice (parent choice for kids). If you wear a mask, I am happy to accommodate and will as well. The piano cleaning regimen and hand sanitizer use will continue … I see this is a HUGE asset to keeping us all healthier in the future!

~ There are NO lessons this week. Students should have lots to keep them busy with our Summer Piano Ninja Challenge!

And now for this month’s Book Recommendation …

Mitch Albom’s The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto is a masterpiece of a fictional character fit beautifully into the outline of music history (think Forrest Gump – like). The story begins at Frankie Presto’s funeral and is narrated by none other than Music itself. As the chapters flip back and forth between Music’s story and interviews done surrounding Frankie’s mysterious death, the reader is taken on a journey that will show not only how important music is to the world, but also how each of our lives has the power to affect those around us. You can check out Albom’s thoughts in the videos below.

This book comes complete with its own soundtrack that is available on Spotify. You can order the book on Amazon here.

I would love to know what your thoughts are if you read this gem 😊

Happy Reading,