January 9, 2022

Hey Crew!

Let me tell you – I am so excited for the new year after our first week back 🙂 Everyone came in ready, excited, and with renewed energy. This coming year will be exciting in our journey as musicians!

Every single one of you received a practice journal at your last lesson. How did it go this week? Although it may take some getting used to, I am confident this will make us expert practicers who learn how to use our time well.

Just as a reminder: there is a difference between practice and playing! You do NOT need to write down every time you play. You should be jotting down notes each and every time you practice 🙂

Other things to keep in mind this week –

~ If you have not paid January’s invoice, it is past due. Please drop this off at Skyline as soon as possible.

~ The store is open next Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and lessons will continue as normal.

~ If you have not yet purchased a hand-held metronome, please make sure to pick one up or order one from Dan behind the counter at the store! We will be using this a lot, and it is a good investment. I still use the one my parents bought me for lessons when I was 8 😉

See you in the studio!