February 3, 2020

Welcome to February!

I am excited to be back to normal for lessons this week 🙂

Just a few quick notes for the week:

~ Invoices are due this week! Thank you for your promptness in paying.

~ Lots of sickness is going around…. Even your teacher took off last Monday! Please tread wisely – if you wouldn’t be healthy enough to go to school, please don’t come to lessons! We want to be generous with each other… just not with germs!

~ We have a new Composer of the Month: George Frederic Handel. Check out our first listening J https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=OLAK5uy_m6j4ioj1coG_uj7M4TtS6O-10Cgo9Rw5Y&v=HtcUIahmWfo&feature=emb_title

~ Our practice tip of the week is “Cupcake hands, not pancake hands!”


“You should always play with nice curved fingers (make a cupcake shape with your hand!), playing the keys with firm fingertips and being careful not to collapse any knuckles. When those knuckles collapse you get flat-as-a-pancake fingers, which hinders your ability to control fast passages and to play with a firm and confident sound. As you practice each piece, pay attention to the shape of your hand and fingers.”

I am pleased with how everyone has jumped back

into lessons after the holidays… and I look forward to seeing what can be accomplished in the month ahead!

Happy Practicing,