August 23, 2020

Hello Students and Parents!

We are already heading into the final week of August… so here are a few things you need to know 🙂

~ We begin our new fall schedule this week! For those who have been coming into the store, thank you for your cooperation with health and safety protocols. For those who will begin coming in for the first time, don’t forget to wear your mask! If for any reason you feel at all sick, either cancel or ask for an online lesson (at your normal lesson time) for the week. For those continuing online, I have scheduled in a way that whenever you feel ready to return to the studio, you will have the opportunity to do so 🙂

~ As this is the last week in August, invoices will be sent out (online) this evening. Mondays will have 3 lessons (no lessons on Labor Day!), and Tuesdays and Wednesdays will each have 5 lessons for the month of September.

~ Please check your individual email that will be sent out for your invoice total. I will also be including charges for books that I will be handing out, links for those who can order books only available online, or notices if you have a book that has arrived at the store 🙂 A reminder of your new fall lesson time will also be included!

~ Most students have been working on a composition based on a book they’ve read this summer. Keep an eye out on our studio Facebook page (@mckenziespianostudio) as I will begin to post your hard work! I have been so impressed with what everyone has done!

As we move forward this fall, I realize that we are moving into uncharted waters. When the shutdown happened mid-March, I don’t think many felt things would change so dramatically for so long. It is my desire that music be a refuge and safe place in the midst of the constant change in protocols, safety, and recommendations. Please let me know what I can be doing to make your music learning a consistent and enjoyable part of the new routines we will all be making!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join you on the journey 🙂