August 21, 2021

Hello Students and Parents,

Fall lessons begin this week! If you are changing lesson times for the fall, please make sure you know what your time is. Feel free to double check with me if needed 😊

What you can look for this fall season –

~ Continued ideas for creating a musical life and home environment

~ October/November Practice-a-Thon

~ Music Against Hunger Performance Opportunity

~ and much more!

And now for this month’s Book Recommendation …

In today’s world we rarely know the means to any given end. We go to the grocery store and purchase a can of beans. But how did it get there? We buy a shirt off the rack at the store or have it shipped quickly from Amazon. But someone had to have made it! We (myself definitely included) rarely take the time to be curious about these things.

And so today’s book recommendation is designed for students to understand where the piano came from 😊 It hasn’t been around forever, and was born out of one very talented man’s commitment to never settle for the status quo.

The Music of Life has lots of details to make it engaging for young and old audiences alike. I learned a lot in reading it as well!

Adults – I have recently had Adoring the Dark on my nightstand. The idea is that although there is a lot of evil in the world, those of us who are creatives can use our creativity to bring light into dark places. Andrew Peterson is an author, musician, and founder of a nonprofit in Nashville for creatives, and shares his thoughts on community, calling, and creating in a relaxed and enjoyable reading style.

Happy Reading,


P.S. For those participating in the Piano Ninja Challenge this summer, this week will be the final week for you to collect your ninja stars. You all have worked so hard, and I’m looking forward to seeing your totals 🙂