April 24, 2022

Hi Crew,

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weekend and soaking up the sun!

~ Your personal invoices are attached to the emails that went out on Sunday. Please remember that they are due by the first lesson of the month 🙂 Monday students – there are 5 Mondays in May, but May 30th is Memorial Day and the store is closed.

~ We are about a month out from our Spring Recital! Make sure to have May 22nd written in on the calendar. I have been super pleased with everyone’s focused practice in learning and polishing your performance pieces … let’s keep this up in the next month 🙂

~ *Please respond* There is a 2p and 4p option for the recital. If you specifically need one time, please let me know. If you have no preference, I’d appreciate you letting me know that as well. This will help me to place those who have other commitments and also help me balance each performance so one isn’t double the size of the other 🙂 The best way to let me know is by shooting me a quick text saying 2p/4p/no time preference. Thank you for your help in this!

~ This month’s listening prompt is from the Duke himself … as his birthday is this week (April 29th). Check out his biography and his big band playing below!

Happy Listening,